Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sunday Breakfast | Vanilla French Toast

Weekends are definitely the time to dedicate to making a delicious breakfast! During the week I'm more about whatever can be made the quickest, but at the weekends I can afford to take my time! Today I wanted to share an updated recipe for French Toast, read on to check out what it is and to see some more pictures...

You Will Need
4 Slices of Bread
1tbsp of Ground Cinnamon
70ml of Milk
2 Eggs
Vanilla Paste

To Make
1) In a large dish, mix the vanilla, cinnamon, milk and egg together, then submerge the slices of bread until they are coated completely
2) In a frying pan, heat some vegetable oil, then add the bread, turning once the sides are golden brown
3) Once cooked, serve with berries and syrup

What do you make for Sunday breakfast?



  1. I currently have such a sweet tooth, so trying out these would be pretty perfect. They look gorgeous.

    Have a great week :)
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere


  2. Awesome photo you have shared here, Thanks a lot for sharing it because it make myself to love


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