Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Beach Guide | Menorca

I've been to Menorca a couple of times now, and each time I have been, I was so impressed with the beaches and the environment around them. There is an abundance of nature, walking paths and tranquility. So today, I wanted to share my beach guide to Menorca. Read on to find out more...

Cala Pregonda
Cala Pregonda is a remote beach located on the north coast of Menorca. It is on many top beach lists of the island, and after a visit, it is clear to see why. The beach is located inside a bay which is protected by two small islands. It's possible to swim out to these islands and dive from the rocks. 
Forward planning is most definitely required for a visit to this beach. There are absolutely no facilities and involves a 20-30 min walk from the nearest car park, so hats and water will be needed. 

Cala En Porter
Located south-east of Menorca,  Cala en Porter is home to a wonderful beach in a large bay. There is lots of room and the shallow part of the water stretches out for a long way.
There is plenty of possibility for snorkeling, and spotting fish and crabs by the rocks, and watersports such as paddle-boarding and canoeing are available to try during the day. 

Punta Prima
Punta Prima beach is very pretty to look at with fine white sand stretching out along the coast. Because of the location, it is a perfect sun trap and it is possible to sit out until late in the evening and enjoy the views. There is also a relatively flat terrain around the area, so for days that aren't too hot, the coastal path is beautiful to walk along. 

Es Grau Beach
Es Grau beach is located by a nature reserve on the north-east coast of Menorca. It's easily accessible and the shallow water stretches out for around 40 meters, making it safe and easy to swim in. The beach is protected, and after being on it, I can see why. There is plenty of wildlife around and the dunes are close by. For people wanting to explore more, there is a pretty village nearby and some cafes to relax in. 

Have you ever been to Menorca?



  1. What a paradise! It must be really relaxing in there, looking at such wonders :)


  2. the pic itself makes me so relaxed

  3. What a gorgeous paradise! Lovely photos dear.
    Jessica |


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