Wednesday, 29 May 2019

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I'm a huge fan of decluttering and having minimal mess around me. Of course that for most of the time, it's almost impossible to do and maintain, but I think that trying is halfway there! Beauty items are often held on to for much longer than they should be and I'm sure that we're all guilty of washing our makeup brushes once in a blue moon. Read on for more beauty decluttering tips...

Check The Use By Dates
Out of date makeup isn't really the best thing to be applying. I'm sure we're all guilty of hanging on to that favourite eyeshadow or lipstick but they can cause breakouts and irritate skin and eyes. Generally, mascara lasts 3 months, eyeliner 6, foundation and concealer 12, lip gloss, powder and eyeshadow 18 and lipstick 24. 


Donate or Sell
Sometimes we've been gifted a product that we haven't used, or bought something on a whim that we've never used. There are some brilliant charities, such as Give and Makeup, that you can send your unused makeup to. Alternatively, selling can be an option on eBay or apps like Depop.


All or Nothing
A method I like to use is inspired by Marie Kondo, I take every item out of their drawers and make a big pile, before going through each item one by one. It allows me to really see what I have an evaluate whether I need it or if I have used it recently.


Group Similar Items Together
Invest in some small boxes or baskets to keep similar items together. For example, haircare in one basket, base makeup in one box and eye products in another. This makes mornings and getting ready more efficient as you will know where the item you are searching for is. 

Do you like decluttering?


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  1. I definitely need to check the dates on some of my stuff as I'm sure some of it is older than I think!
    Amy xx


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