Tuesday, 30 April 2019

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Planning ahead or leaving it to the last minute? Whatever our preferences are, holiday packing has to be done and it's better to be over-prepared rather than under. Many of us just travel with hand luggage if it's a shorter break or during the summer when packing is light. Read on to check out my hand luggage tips...

Know The Limits
All airlines have different hand luggage policies so it is essential to check before. This can be done via their website online or, by checking your ticket information. They can issue hefty charges if your luggage does not comply, so make sure that you fit within the limits or check in your bag before.


Plan Ahead
Before starting to pack, lay out all your potential outfits and see if anything can double up to save space. For example, pairs of jeans or plain t-shirts. Also, avoid packing anything you haven't worn in a while and think that you might - you most probably won't and it will take up space. 
Also, check the weather forecast for your destination, and also the average weather for that month, to avoid any nasty surprises.


Necessary Extras
If you are packing extra shoes (in my case, extremely likely), then wrap them in canvas bags. This will keep your clothes from getting dirty and also give you something to store your dirty clothes in whilst you are away, and also for the way home.
I also like to bring a large pashmina which can be used for a scarf if it's cold, a blanket for the plane and an extra layer for the evenings. A small compact waterproof jacket is a good idea for city breaks. 


Smart Packing
If you are packing jewellery, store them through a paper straw. This is a really great way to save time detangling your necklaces when what you would like to be doing instead, is going out for dinner.
Most people now decant their hair and cosmetic products into smaller bottles, but to prevent leakages or spillages, wrap them in small freezer bags.

What are your hand luggage travel tips?



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