Sunday, 10 March 2019

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I've documented my struggle to find healthy and filling lunch dishes before and so, today I wanted to show you how I've been getting on. Last week I took pictures of all my lunches that I brought into work to share what I've been eating and hopefully encourage you to do the same. Read on to check out what I ate for lunch on Monday to Thursday last week...

Monday - Giant Couscous With Tomato, Olives & Feta
Giant couscous is a really good, filling lunch that you can make in advance the night before in about ten minutes. I sometimes mix mine with pesto or a tomato sauce but for this, I mixed in some baby plum tomatoes, green olives, feta and fresh parsley.

Tuesday - Gnocchi With Spinach and Sausage
This lunch was leftovers from my dinner the night before. The gnocchi is great as it's really filling and the addition of the spinach gets in an extra fruit and vegetable portion.

Wednesday - Macaroni Cheese
Another leftover for Wednesdays lunch! I had mixed in some mustard and paprika into the cheese sauce to give it an added kick and baked it with some garlic breadcrumbs on the top. I sprinkled some fresh parsley over the top to serve. 

Thursday - Quesadillas
These are another quick lunch to make up the night before and I always spend the morning looking forward to eating them! I usually fill them with mushrooms, peppers and melted cheese. 

What do you eat for lunch at work?



  1. Beautiful lunch ideas here, Rosanna! I am loving the look of your gnocchi xx


  2. These are sooo delish and health. Love it dear!
    Jessica |

  3. All these look absolutely delicious! I always struggle with lunches too.

    Gemma x


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