Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Books | 5 Classics Every Girl Should Read

It's good to set aside a bit of time once in a while to do some reading, switching off from technology is not only good for our eyes, but our brains as well! Today I wanted to share my five classic books that I think that every girl should read. Full of inspiration, great main characters, drama and romance, read on to find out what they are...

Vanity Fair
If you are into your headstrong and confident main characters, then this is for you. Vanity Fair follows the story of Becky Sharp who is determined to climb the society ladder but has no means or money. Set during the time of the Napoleonic wars, the plot is dramatic but also filled with romance and friendship. 

The Beautiful & Damned
Although when you think of F. Scott Fitzgerald, you might think of The Great Gatsby, The Beautiful and Damned is absolutely worth your time too. The novel starts with a young man named Anthony who is awaiting a large inheritance and spending plenty whilst doing so. Along the way he meets a woman called Gloria who shares his shallow values. It's scarily similar to some stories we read in the gossip columns today and addictive to read.

Wuthering Heights
Although there have been so many film and television versions, you definitely don't have to read it to know the story, Wuthering Heights is such a classic that it's well worth a read. In case you haven't come across it before, it follows the story of Cathy who lives in a manor along with her family and Heathcliff, who arrived at the manor when he was an orphaned child. It's a classic story and filled with love, hate and revenge. 

The House of Mirth
The House of Mirth follows the story of Lily Bart, an American socialite who is scandalously unmarried at 29. She lives with her aunt but prefers to attend parties at a luxurious estate with the New-York high-society crowd. Unfortunately, they are into gambling and Lily begins to suffer the consequences and has to come up with a solution to get out of the mess. 

Cold Comfort Farm
Cold Comfort Farm is a comedic book, meant as a parody of some of the similar books that were released at the time. Flora Poste has no money or parents at the age of nineteen and so, goes to live with her relatives at Cold Comfort farm. The farm is rundown and gloomy so Flora decides to change this and transform everything.

What's your favourite classic book?



  1. I lived reading Vanity Fair in university. My fave is Pride & Prejudice :D

    Xo Noor

  2. ohh Ive heard all these books but havent actually read any of them!

  3. Wuthering Heights is easily one of the best classics out there. Love your list dear. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |


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