Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Skincare | Winter

Following on from my Winter | Haircare post, I thought that it would only be fair to do the same but for skincare. This time of year isn't ideal for skin, the cold and windy weather creates dryness and redness and so today, I wanted to share some tips for resolving these issues.

Less Exfoliation
With dry skin, the temptation is to exfoliate to get rid of any dead cells. However, by doing this, you could be increasing the sensitivity as your skin barrier is already weakened by the colder weather. 


Cut Down On Alcohol & Caffeine
Although most of us would like a large mug or glass of one or the other on a freezing cold day, they actually cause dehydration which in turn, creates dryer skin. 


Use A Lip Scrub
How many of you carry around a lip balm in your bag and apply it constantly through the winter? Combat this by using a lip scrub twice a day in the morning and evening for quick results.


Avoid Hot Water
I know that I'm guilty of wanting my shower water as hot as possible but lukewarm to warm water is much better for your skin, the hot water dries out and can damage skin.


What are your winter skincare tips?



  1. Great post, the lip scrub looks really good :)

    - Marina Wang

  2. Winter skincare is so important! I'm a little obsessed with skincare in 2019. Love the idea of using a lip scrub!


  3. I try to use a lip scrub as often as possible because these lips go cray cray during the winter :)

  4. These are great tips dear. Indeed, warm water feels really good in winter, and I'm guilty of it from time to time too.
    Jessica |

  5. I like your blog. It was really helpful. You have explained properly.

    Nahid |


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