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Travel | Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know About

Every girl needs to escape on a summer holiday (or three). It's an annual rite of passage. It's strolling down mile-long beaches, feeling the sun kiss your skin, leaving your worries behind, enjoying the attention your bikini is garnering, seeing the sights of a far-off culture, eating well and drinking better. Yeah, summer getaways are completely unrivaled. 

The problem is always getting there. 

That's why we have been on the lookout for travel hacks that every single woman needs to know about; hacks that will help you get to where you are going; hacks that will see you find your happy-place without having to endure a nightmare first. 

1. The Perfect Way To Plan
It doesn't matter whether you are disappearing on your own or with your entire girl squad, having a plan is the perfect way to kickstart your preparations, which is where the Wanderlist app comes into its own. It lets you plot out everything you might need and even allows collaboration too.


2. Save On The Seats
If you've had your eyes open at all in the past 18 months then you'll have heard of Skyscanner. It's genius. But there is a flaw: you need to trawl through all the airport options and each of the months in order to find a winning deal. Our advice: have a list of destinations you desperately want to go to, and you're a British reader or traveler, sign up to Jack's Flight Club (the premium one is worth it) and wait for this lovely chap to save you a fortune. That's time saved for you to get your base tan ready.

3. On-Demand Wardrobe
If you're more than just a part-time traveler, by which we mean a frequent business tripper or a wanderlust addict, you need to check out DUFL. You won't believe this at first, but this company stores your wardrobe and then ships your clothes to wherever you might be heading next. Yup. That means you'll have everything you need by the time you arrive. Then, when it comes to leaving, they pick them up, dry clean it all and have it ready for your next venture. 


4. The Forever Battery
Back in the arly-2000s when Nokia ruled the world, we didn't have the issue of low-battery. In fact, we haven't charged our 3310 since 2003 and it's still on. Anyway, we bring this up because everyone in the airport seems to be tussling for a charging station. You don't need to do this. Why? Because from now on, you're going to head to one of those massive TVs with the departure times on and use the USB port on the back to charge your phone. Sneaky, sneaky.


5. Security Is A Hassle
Let's get straight to this one shall we; for American readers or travelers,  Global Entry is a service (it costs $100 for five-year membership) that lets you cut all immigration and customs lines, get TSA PreCheck every time and skip the paperwork when leaving or entering a country. All for 100 dollars. It's the best-kept secret out there, surely?

What are your favourite travel hacks?


*This is a collaborative post


  1. Thanks for sharing the tips. Have a lovely day.

    Gemma x

  2. Love love the idea of Skyscanner and of cutting down on security lines! Great tips, babe xx

  3. My first travel hack is to always make a list of things you have to take with you. I usually do it a week before I have to leave - that is why I have time to purchase some things if I need them. Also I always wear easy to remove (but covering my foot) shoes for an airplane. That way you want get cold in your feet if it's very cold, but in the same time your feet can rest without shoes on and a turmoil.
    It's also a must to pack water for the plane, since up in the air you really get dehydrated.
    Nice post!

  4. Oh my goodness these tips are so helpful, particularly in my prep for travelling to France next week. Thanks so much for sharing - I particularly love the tip about having a spare battery (I couldn't live without mine!)!

    Heather xoxo

  5. Global Entry sounds like an incredible service and Jack's Flight Club really does seem like a great way of saving both time and money in the long-run! I've heard the service mentioned a few times lately and so I'm definitely curious now! :) x

  6. Nice tips, lovely photos! I just love that suitcase! ❀✿

    Blog de la Licorne

  7. Agree! All of us need some vacay especially during the summer months.
    Thanks for these useful tips.


  8. Fantastic travel hacks - DUFL sounds like an incredible service and I will certainly check out global entry! Have a nice weekend ahead!

    Miriam x

  9. That are really good tips . I loved the one who take care of the clothes.
    Xoxo from Portugal

  10. Very helpful tips


  11. very nice tips

  12. THanks for the useful tips dear. Great post.

  13. Global Entry sounds really a good and convenient thing to have. I'll check this out. Thanks for the recommendation dear!

    Jessica |


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