Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Summer Nail Colours

Today I wanted to share my three favourite nail polish colours for the summer season and talk about why. I recently had a really big clear out of all my nail polishes and threw loads away as usually I gel my nails with the SensatioNail kit but I wanted to mix it up a bit and let my nails have a rest this month. It's been really fun to wear brighter colours on my nails and rediscover some of my favourites and try out some new brands too. Read on to check out what they are...

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint
As I'm giving my nails a break from my usual gels, it's really nice to use a polish which still gives that effect but in a much easier way! I really love how easy this is to apply as the brush is wider than other polishes I own so the application is a lot quicker than I'm used to though it did definitely need at least two coats to be opaque .I'm actually wearing this colour right now as I think that it's really fresh looking and brightens up whatever I'm wearing. 

Lancome Vernis In Love Nail Colour
This is the first Lancome nail polish that I've tried and I'm so impressed with it. The colour is so beautiful, it's a cross between a bright pink and an almost coral shade. It was quite easy to apply and after two coats it looked absolutely perfect though I did use a top coat just to be safe. It lasted a really long time without chipping which is something I always look for in a polish. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for the other shades in the range!

 Orly Coastal Crush Polish
Coral is by far my favourite shade to wear in the summer months as I think that it's really flattering and is a great trick to make skin look a bit more tanned! This polish from Orly is part of their new Coastal Crush collection which comes in a range of six brightly coloured shades. I've only ever tried a glitter polish from Orly before so I was really impressed with the formulation of this one. I did apply two coats but to be honest, I probably would have been okay with just one as the colour is so vibrant and perfect for summer!

Thanks for reading :)*

What's your favourite nail polish colour for summer?



  1. I like the color from the Lancome one!


  2. Love all the nail shades hun...specially that light blue one is fab...xx, Neha

  3. I used to wear a lot of nail polish but have been really not in to it as I find that my nails get brittle, but i do love a light pink color time to time. Love the color of the first nail polished you showed, it's very pretty, girly and fun for the summer.


  4. Very pretty nails! I love that lancome and orly :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  5. I love them all... perfect for summer!
    Kisses, Paola.

  6. This is so pretty! My favourite is the coral too. Have a great day!

    Gemma x

  7. I love all of the shades, personally I choose similar colors for my nails on the summer, Rosanna :)

  8. That Orly colour is gorge! The Barry M range is one of my faves too,
    Amy xx

  9. Lovely color

  10. A cor é maravilhosa adorei a nail

  11. Such lovely manicures. I'm in love with these colors.

  12. Love it! Great post hun!


  13. Thanks a lot :D

    both colors are so fresh. Love the baby rose :D

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    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  14. Lovely colors!

  15. Such great picks! Best thing about Summer is definitely painting the nails fun colours. Summer Fling is so pretty I don't own anything that colour, I need it ♥

    Khadija x

  16. All the colours are fantastic and I have to admit my opposite is the 2nd colour! Thanks for sharing - I really should change sometimes my usual nailpolish :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. Have a lovely evening, Rosanna :)

  18. These are all such beautiful and perfect colors for summer! I especially love the more vibrant shades, like the orange one, it look so good on you! I've just recently added Essie's Fifth Avenue to my collection and I can't wait to try it, everyone seems to rave about it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  19. I have some of the Barry M gelly polishes, they're so good! x

    Velvet Blush

  20. These nail colors are so pretty...definitely perfect for summer!

  21. Love all the nail shades.

  22. super fab, love all the colours.
    lippie x

  23. Hope you're having lovely evening, Rosanna :)

  24. Pretty nails :)
    Nice pics <3


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