Sunday, 10 July 2016

DIY | Exfoliating Sugar Scrub for Sensitive Skin

Regular readers of the blog will know that I have a lot of trouble finding beauty products that don't irritate my very sensitive skin. I appreciate that other people have the same issue so I'm always keen to share a good sensitive product when I find one.

Since I started epilating my skin has been much happier, but there has been one downside - I'm getting a lot of trapped and ingrown hairs. Using exfoliating gloves all the time bothers my skin so I've been looking for a better way to exfoliate and thus avoid the dreaded ingrown hairs. 

I looked at several beauty blogs and found that the overall consensus was that sugar scrubs were the way to go. I took ingredients and advice from different blog posts and created my own scrub - I'm really pleased with it - it's cheap, natural, gives great results and doesn't bother my skin at all!

What you'll need:

Brown Sugar
 (you can use white but brown is better for sensitive skin)

Coconut Oil

Tea-tree Oil

The sugar exfoliates, the coconut oil moisturises and the tea-tree oil acts as an antiseptic. 

It's super easy to make the scrub:

1. Take a handful of sugar and place it in a large bowl
2. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and 3-4 drops of tea-tree oil
3. Mix it all together in your hands
4. Add the same amounts again and mix
5. Continue until you have enough to fill a Tupperware container
6. Keep the container in the shower/bath and use regularly

et voila!

P.S. The scrub can make your shower/bath floor a little slippery so be careful and warn anyone who goes in after you!

Thanks for reading!



  1. This looks great!

  2. This scrub looks so lovely

  3. Awww looks like such a great scrub.

  4. ive heard of this mix and how it works quite well, i havent tried it yet but I totally should!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. This is the second post I have read today on this diy face scrub. I will definitely try this. :)

  6. great post!
    xoxo Gina

    new post

  7. this looks so easy to try!

  8. Thanks for the discovery :)

  9. Great article! I will definitely try it out! x

    Have a nice week,

  10. great post :) have a nice day :)

  11. What an awesome tip! i'm gonna try for sure!

    Mani PiƱeiro
    Snap: @manipineiro

  12. I made my own exfoliator a few weeks ago, but I used fennel essential oil instead of tea tree oil, it's so easy to make your own and much kinder to your skin!
    Amy xx

  13. Wow really awesome! Thank yoi for sharing ;)


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