Monday, 11 April 2016

New Purchases

This post is a bit of a mixed bag but I've bought a few new bits recently and though I'd share them with you all :)

Here's what I got...

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Color Corrective Powder in Green

I've always had a red complexion but lately it's been getting out of control. Seriously I'm getting redder by the day! Perhaps it's the stress of finishing uni...anyway I had to take action, so I ordered this green Physician's Formula powder to help tone down the redness. I though I only ordered one from Amazon but it turned out to be a two-pack - bonus!!!

Get it here

Matalan Skinny Jeans

I bought a pair of these Matalan skinny jeans in black a few weeks ago and I've been so happy with them that I decided to order them in every colour! They're super stretchy and the 29 in leg is just about right for my petite 5 foot 3 frame and at only £15 a pair (and I used student discount on top of that) my bank balance is in good shape too! I even picked up an extra black pair - I'm going to cut them at the ankle to make some frayed cropped jeans.

Get them here, here & here

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15

I decided to get an anti-red primer too just to be extra safe - if I'm still red after all of this then I officially give up! I couldn't find a cheaper green primer that suited sensitive skin so I ended up going for a pricier Clinique one. I'm sure it will be worth it though and hopefully a little will go a long way.

Get it here

Stradivarius Reversible Bomber with Embroidery Detail

I've been working so hard on uni stuff the last few weeks (literally I've forgotten what fun feels like) so my lovely mum decided to get me a present to cheer me up! I chose this stunning Stradivarius jacket. The design is gorgeous and it's reversible too, so it can just be a plain pale pink bomber as well if you like.

Get it here

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced BB Facial Sun Protection SPF 50 (Fair)

I know it's a little premature to be buying sun cream but when I saw this on offer in Boots, I thought I'd better take advantage. I burn really easily and this SPF 50 cream will ensure I don't get even redder and my skin will still look human with the help of the BB cream.

Get it here

Thanks for reading!



  1. That bomber is great! I also really love stretchy skinny jeans - they're the best!


    1. I know! Thanks for the comment :)

      Laura x

  2. That first palette looks interesting!



  3. i really want that bomber too! ive been eyeing it up for so long now :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. love the bomber *_* how is the clinque one?

    1. Thanks! Really good actually, a little thick going on but a really good base

      Laura x

  5. I love the floral bomber. Great choices!

    Adi xx


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