Monday, 28 March 2016

My 5 Top Tips For Depop Success

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Easter! 

I started using the selling app Depop nearly a year ago and, though I say so myself, have been rather successful with it! I've now sold over 100 items!

I really enjoy the process of photographing and listing my products and love to see them going to a loving new home. I get to make money and clear space in my wardrobe and the buyer gets a nice piece of clothing - everyone wins!

If, like me, you have an over-stuffed wardrobe and need to make some pocket money, I really can't recommend Depop enough. I've sold so many different things - from headbands to bikinis. It's really easy to use, the commission fees are low and I'm giving you my 5 top tips for success - what are you waiting for?!

Top Tip #1: Keep Prices Low

At the end of the day most things sold on Depop are second-hand and even if they're brand new, people are still on there looking for a bargain. I keep my prices low as I'd rather sell ten things more cheaply than sell nothing at all! You've got to give people a reason to buy from you on Depop, rather than going to the shops. People now they'll get a bargain when they buy from me so they come back time and again. 

I also include the cost of shipping in my prices as I think that makes them more enticing - you see the price that you will be paying, not the price before postage is added. Once you've sold a few things you'll get to grips with postage costs. I send everything second class (but make sure I get proof of postage) and generally (if packaged correctly) a top will cost about £1.15 to send and a pair of shoes £2.80. Make sure you bear this in mind when pricing items.

Top Tip #2: Contact people

Just like on Instagram you can 'like' items on Depop. I keep an eye out for likes and if I'm happy to do a bit of a reduction, I contact the person who liked my item via direct message. I'll send them a friendly little message along the lines of "Hi, I noticed you liked my black Topshop dress, I'd be happy to lower the price by £1.50 if you're interested?". I've got a lot of sales from approaching people directly like this.

Top Tip #3: Give Detailed Information

I'm often surprised when I see other people's listings at how little information they give you. I like to give as much information on my items as possible and I'm always happy to answer customer's questions or take extra pictures for them. If the dress is 100% cotton, say that in the listing! If it runs a little small or is particularity comfy, say it. I also often measure the heel height of shoes and add this information, just as they would on an actual on-line shopping site. It's also nice to add suggestions for when  and how to wear the item - for example, sometimes I'll write something like "perfect for holiday" or "looks great with leggings" at the end of the description.  

Top Tip #4: Take/Find New Pictures

If something has been available for a few weeks but hasn't sold, then make the effort to take new pictures. Wait for a sunny day and take any lingering items outside and hang them on a brick wall, or try laying them on the floor to show the design better. I've also had a lot of success finding the original pictures for items on Google. It might take some searching but if you bought the item within the last couple of years it may well still be on Google Images. Zara, Asos and Topshop items are usually quite easy to find. The original, professional pictures will make your Depop page look nicer and give customers a better idea of the product.

Top Tip #: Post Quickly and Prettily

I appreciate that as a student living in a city I have a lot more opportunities to post things quickly than some will. My local post office is even open all day on a Sunday! However, even if you are really busy it makes a big difference if you can post things quickly. So many of my 5 star reviews mention the fact that I posted the item quickly - I guess it's our instant gratification generation - we want everything right now!

I also make an effort with my packaging (something that has also been mentioned in my reviews). I always fold everything nicely and send it in a coloured or patterned postal bag - usually with some added stickers for extra wow! Pretty post bags are really cheap and also very useful - they are hard wearing and lightweight. I buy mine from eBay, here are some links to my favourites: floral bags, striped bags and polka-dot bags,  I'd recommend getting a couple of different sizes, or even a mixed set like his one to start you off. I also use clear parcel tape as it looks nicer - get it here.

Thanks for reading and please follow me on Depop! Just search lhack165 in users.



  1. These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! Have a great week :)

  3. so many amazing tips :)

  4. Great tips. Have a great week.

  5. I really wanna get rid of a few items! will try them :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. thanks for the tips :)

  7. Depop is such a great app!!! I took a look at it few days ago and I really like it!
    Thanks for these tips!

    1. Yeah, I love it, you should have a go!

      Laura x

  8. I have the Depop app and I browse on it from time to time but have never actually purchased or sold anything on there before :) I will definitely try using Depop when I'm doing a bit of wardrobe cleaning and want to find new homes for some of my pieces <3 These are really really good tips! Thank you so much for sharing :) xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

    1. Definitely, go for it! And thanks!

      Laura x

  9. Sounds like you're having a lot of success with the app! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

    Away From The Blue


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