Monday, 21 March 2016

DIY: Give Yourself A Home Facial

Ideally I would be one of those girls who went for a facial at a fancy spa every fortnight...but in reality I'm a poor student and I have to take care of myself! Due to this, I have developed my own little at-home facial routine that I regularly do before bed. It always makes my skin much clearer and brighter by the morning.

Here's how I do it...

(nb. all products shown in this post are suitable for sensitive skin, so if, like me, facials can upset your skin, this should be good for you too!) 

STEP 1: Wash Face

Before anything I clean my face with micellar water and cotton wool and apply a light layer of moisturiser.

STEP 2: Steaming

After letting it heat up for a few mins, I place my face in this steamer and let it open up my pores. I usually listen to music and as a general rule I keep my face in the steam for the length of two songs! 

I bought this facial steamer from Amazon and although it was only cheap, I'm very pleased with it (get it here). It heats up quickly, creates a lot of steam and is very easy to use. However, do be careful with it as it leaks if you move it once the water is in and I have been burnt by water from it before, if you use if on a table and don't move it though you'll be fine.

STEP 3: Nose Strip and Masque

As soon as I take my face out of the steamer I get to work on these two. Using a flannel I wet my nose more with warm water and then apply a Biore nose strip (tip: open the strip and get it ready before the facial as it's really tricky to open with wet fingers!). I press it down firmly so that it's really secure. I then dab the rest of my face dry with a clean towel and apply a layer of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (except on my nose obviously!).

Step 4: Wash and Moisturise

I leave the nose strip and masque on for about 20 minutes (they should both be dry a good few minutes before you take them off). I then gently pull off the nose strip and must admit I get a creepy pleasure at looking at all the gunk that it brings out of my pores! I then wash off the masque with warm water and a clean flannel (preferably a Disney Princess one obvs). I then dry my face and apply moisturiser again.

Once my moisturiser is completely dry, I apply Mario Badescu Drying Cream to any blemishes or clogged pores to give them an extra cleanse overnight.

...and that's it!

Thanks for reading - I'd love to know if you try my facial and how you get on!

Laura x


  1. the steamer must be amazing for opening up the pores! I need some of those nose strips! Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Such a beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  3. I could have written this post, this is like my home facial routine :)
    Although I have stopped using nose strips I just don't think they do anything for me.
    The miscellar water is my favourite and such a bargain price. I did treat myself to the Liz Earle Cleansing polish which I only use when I'm doing a home facial it really helps clear deep inside the skin and brightens and tones. Great post!

    Pinar xo

    1. How funny! My mum is a huge fan of the Liz Earl cleanser, I'll have to give it a go now you've suggested it too!

      Laura x

  4. Great post, this tool for facial spa sounds amazing ;)

  5. Sounds simple !! I should try ! I need those biore strips in my life !


  6. Love the Ariel wash cloth! Super cute!


  7. Home facial sounds like a pampering treat!! However nose strips are not for me as I have sensitive skin and they make me itchy so badly after peeling them out :( Thanks for sharing your routine with us and have a fab week hun!

    xoxo, Aldora
    Aldora Muses – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Instagram

    1. You've got to pamper yourself! I've had the itchiness before when I've used them too often, I agree it's not nice!

      Have a lovely week too!

      Laura x

  8. Hello,

    So beautiful ! :D

  9. Wow, I've never seen a fascial steamer before, I definitely need to get one! Thanks so much for sharing, this post was definitely helpful! I hope you're having a great start to your week so far, girlie!



    1. Thanks! Hope you have a great week too!

      Laura x

  10. I need a facial mask as well... :)))
    Lovely post indeed!


  11. Great tips! I definitely want to try this! Thanks for sharing!


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