Monday, 21 September 2015

A Little Trip To Dorset

This week I went on a lovely little trip to Wareham in Dorset with my Dad.

We went to the amazing Monkey World rescue centre. We're both huge fans of the TV show Monkey Life which is set there and it was great to see all our favourites monkeys and staff. 

Spot the chimp!

My dad with the famous M!

Monkey World isn't a zoo and the animals are treated with the utmost respect. They're all rescued from terrible situations, such as research labs, poachers and circuses. The monkeys are rehabilitated at Monkey World and you can see them from specific viewing points (so they're not overwhelmed), see them get fed and hear great talks from the amazing staff. 

A wooly monkey.

Selfie with Jethro!
If you're an animal lover then it's definitely worth a visit to Monkey World and they need lots of help so please make a donation if you can - go to their website here.

After Monkey World we headed out to have dinner on the beautiful Wareham Quay. The light was great and everything just looked extra stunning!

Kate Winslet eat your heart out

Has anyone else been to Wareham/Monkey World?



  1. Amazing post!

  2. I've never been but looks like a great place to visit. Love the Kate caption :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. seems like a fun time and perfect pics :D

    1. Thanks so much, it was really fun!

      Laura x

  4. Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. This place looks amazing!!


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