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Magnitone Lucid Review

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Bloggers Love... event where we were lucky enough to get our hands on a Magnitone Lucid (Check out their website here). Of course we were keen to try it out straight away and decided that we would both undertake the seven day challenge where we would each give it a go for seven days, write a diary, take pictures and see how we felt about it at the end. See how we got on below...


Day One
I have read the instruction manual cover to cover three times (just to be sure!) so I'm pretty confident in what I'm doing. I apply my current cleanser which is the Clinique Foaming Cleanser and take of my make up using the Magnitone. I've already taken my eye makeup off and my contact lenses out, so my eyes are a bit sore but I can just about see what I'm doing! The brush feels softer on my skin than it looks and it had all my makeup off in one minute which I'm pretty impressed with. My skin looks a bit red but feels the same as it does after cleansing so I go to bed happy :)

Day Two
I know what I'm doing now so this takes less time than last night. The instructions state that a minute is recommended time for the first five days so I'm sticking with that! There are also two settings and I'm using the sensitive setting as my skin is pretty rubbish with anything 'exfoliating' and I don't want to aggravate it. My makeup comes off again quickly but my skin felt tighter than normal after I dried it. However, my skin is looking clearer. 

Day Three
I don't get to take off my makeup until way past midnight and my skin isn't thanking me. I notice a few small spots on my forehead which wouldn't normally be there but as all the bad stuff in my skin is being brought up to the surface, I can't say that I didn't expect it. 

Day Four
My skin is feeling completely different today. It's not tight at all and it feels smoother than it's ever felt. It's another late night but after I cleanse with the Magnitone, my skin is looking pretty good. The spots which I noticed the day before are gone and my complexion looks brighter. I'm still sticking to the one minute cycle and the sensitive setting as I don't want to mess it up!

Day Five
My skin is looking great today and I feel confident enough to wear minimal makeup when I go out. My routine is still the same and my skin is still looking bright and smooth when I inspect it in the evening.

Day Six
I've been awake since 5am so you can imagine that I'm not feeling too bright by the evening but when I look at myself in the mirror, I'm surprised by how awake my skin looks. I leave the Magnitone on for a bit longer today and work around the pores on my nose, an area I would like to target more.

Day Seven
Another long day but my skin is still looking clear and bright by the end of it. I can definitely see a difference in my skin and it's feeling really really good. 

My Verdict
I have to admit, in the first few days I was pretty skeptical about if the Magnitone was actually going to make any difference at all and by the end, I was really pleasantly surprised. I can't believe how much better my skin looks overall and how much more confident I feel, after the seven days I'm much happier to go makeup free. There are a few more areas which I'd like to focus on more but I'm sure after continued use, I'd see even more improvements. This is something which I would happily recommend to anyone :)


Day 1
- The Magnitone is set up to buzz for one minute and you're supposed to move round your face in sections as it beeps every 20 seconds. It was so fast though that I struggled to keep to the time and ended up switching it on a second time. The idea of a one minute setting is good though as it makes it harder to skip using it, if it's only one minute of your morning, what's the excuse for not bothering?
-  Even though I used the sensitive mode, as the booklet suggested, the actual brush head felt harsher on my skin than had I expected it to, but I did really get the sense my face was being cleaned.
- Afterwards my skin was a little red and sore, but the Magnitone booklet said this was to be expected after the first couple of uses.
- I'm a little surprised that my skin doesn't fell particularly smooth, like the way it does after exfoliating.

Day 2
- After using the Magnitone for a second day my skin is starting to feel really smooth.

Day 3
- I must admit I skipped my morning, I just felt that my skin was clean still from last night and couldn't face scrubbing it again so I resorted back to my trusty morning face wipe...I did feel a bit guilty though...this was the day the clocks went forward, so I blame it on that!

Day 4
- Back in my routine and glad that I am.
- Still can't get to grips with the timing, have settled nicely into my own routine and it ends up taking me abut a minute and a half.

Day 5
- No longer experiencing any skin soreness afterwards.
- Seeing definite improvement in my skin. It's looking brighter and the pores on my nose are looking much clearer.

Day 6:
- A few spots have come out on my chin but overall my skin still feels and looks better than usual.
- I'm starting to really enjoy using the Magitone and feeling so clean and fresh. 

Day 7:
- I've become quite spotty over the last couple of days. I understand that this is expected though as the Magnitone brings up dirt that's trapped in your pores. All the spots I have are in my 'volcano zones' i.e. where I get recurring spots, such as around my chin. I'm glad that those areas are finally being thoroughly cleaned out and hopefully this will stop spots coming back in the future.
- Overall, my skin is looking smoother and brighter and it feels really soft.

During (day 3)

My Verdict

I think Magnitone is a really good product and it lives up to a lot of the promises it makes. It promises brighter, softer skin with a more even skin tone and it definitely did that for me. You can see in my third picture that my skin is less shiny - something that I struggle with. I also really like how clean my skin felt and how virtuous using the brush made me feel - like I was really taking care of my skin! Another big difference (that's not really shown in the pictures) is that my nose is now much clearer and my blackheads there are less visible.

If you have the money then I would recommend treating yourself to a Magnitone but if you're short on cash I wouldn't worry. It's a good product and nice to use but I didn't find it to be a life-changing one. Perhaps as I use it over the next few weeks I'll change my mind...

Thanks so much for reading*

Have you tried Magnitone?

Rosanna and Laura


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