Monday, 23 March 2015

SensatioNail Gel Kit Review

Hi everyone! Hope that you had a great weekend. I've been desperate to do this blog post for a couple of weeks but I've had to restrain myself until I could talk about it properly and give a full, honest review. 

About a month ago I was completely fed up of painting my nails only for them to chip a couple of days later, I've tried loads of things, nail primers, expensive top coats, long-lasting polishes (the list goes on!) and nothing has really made that much of a difference. 
I've had gel nails professionally applied once and although my nails looked great, I wasn't that impressed. I had a noticeable chip after less than a week and after ten days they were peeling off. 

I've had my eye on the SensatioNail gel kits since the end of last year but I couldn't really justify it to myself. Although in the long run, it works out so much cheaper than getting your nails done in a salon, I didn't want to part with that much money without being completely sure. 

I knew that Boots often did offers on the starter kits and last month I happened to notice that one of the kits had been discounted to almost half price so I decided to take the plunge and buy it. As well as the main kit, the colours were on 3 for 2 so I picked up a plum colour, a gold glitter and a pale pink. 

I could only manage to wait one day before I gave it a go! I watched a video on how to do it properly on the SensatioNail website and made sure I read through the instructions twice before I started (not reading instructions properly is always my downfall!) as I didn't want to mess it up.

However, I found it surprisingly easy. Apart from being able to paint nails, there are really no other skills required. The addition of a top and base coat smooths any imperfections and by the time that I had finished, the polish looked professionally applied.

I spent the first week examining my nails about fifty times a day, convinced that I would find a chip or see them peeling off but I didn't. Around the ten days mark I did notice that some had come off around the edges but that was more than likely my fault as I didn't cap the nails at the side properly. 

After two weeks I finally took them off using acetone, cotton wool and foil which worked really well. My nail underneath looked good which I was quite surprised with. When I had gels before my nails looked terrible after they came off and it took two weeks before I could paint my nails again but with this, I couldn't even tell. 

My nails painted with Sugar Plum

Nails which I did for my sister last week, I used Sugar Plum and then Gold Glitter on the ring fingers

I'm super happy that I've found SensatioNail and I'm really looking forward to buying some brighter colours for the summer. I would 100% recommend this to anybody, it's so quick and easy to do and works out so much cheaper than getting your nails done in a salon. 

Thanks so much for reading :)

Have you tried SensatioNail?



  1. I find myself staring at this kit EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk into boots I am not even kidding haha :P I just couldn't justify the price especially when I don't even know if the kit is worth it but now I think I might actually give this a go :D The gel finish looks really glossy and professional <3

    1. Haha, that was me too! Definitely get it when it's on offer and you'll save so much money. I'm so happy with the results x

  2. I do my own gel nails and have used a couple from this brand - they are good but find CND polishes better and wider range of shades too. Love it that gel nails last you ages x

  3. great products!!! ;)
    big kissessss

    Check it out my new post:

  4. In love with gold nails.
    Nice post ♥

  5. This kit looks amazing! Love the colour you've chosen Rosanna!

  6. This kit looks and sounds amazing! I can't believe your nails were perfect for at least 10 days! That is wonderful! Love the color you chose too, looks gorgeous!


  7. Super lovely <3

  8. I honestly taught I was the only one with the problem of chipped nails. I do nail treatment, top coat and all but yet they only last for a few days and they are all chipped. Those nail polish looks amazing though.

  9. Thanks a lot Rosanna for visiting my Blog ^_^.. what kind you are! I'm glad you liked my post!! Follow us??? a Kiss ;*

  10. Wow, that sounds really amazing dear and I really like that these nail polishes last 2 weeks and btw -you chose great colors!

  11. Great nail art, I love the purple and golden shades :)))


  12. Yes I tried the same brand. In my case was fantastic at the first time, but when I removed was a drama.. my nails looks like break. Now i'm afraid to do it again because i have to wait like a 4 weeks untils my nails looks in the way they used to.. I don't konw.. it's in your case the same?
    Great Post by the way, the review is asome!
    I have a new post if you want to see it ---> Fashion Blog: The Silver Feline

    1. Thanks and no, my nails were fine after two days. I used acetone, cotton wool and foil to take them off x

  13. Sounds awesome...Will surely pick this up..Thnx for sharing... :)


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