Friday, 23 January 2015

Trip to France and Mini Haul

A few times a year, Laura and I go on a little trip to France. We always go with our friend Joel and Laura's mum. We have a traditional routine which involves yummy food and a lot of shopping!
We went just before Christmas and we decided to do a blog post to accompany our trip...

We visit Wimereux, a seaside town in northern France. 

We also do a sneaky bit of shopping! This time I had quite a few presents to buy and also some food. However, I did find the time to pick up a few things for myself! 

Things I bought

Albert Menes Spices

I'm a bit obsessed with these. Every time I go to France, I pick up some more of these, expanding my collection. I love the look of the bottles and I really enjoy using them in cooking. The basil is amazing with cheese and tomato on toast!

Shop Albert Menes here

Cellier des Dauphins Mini Wine Bottles

These small sized bottles come in a pack of eight and are so handy for cooking. I bought these as presents as well, they are perfect for when you don't want to open a large bottle of wine.

Get them here

Toblerone Cappuccino

Being the Toblerone addict I am, I can't believe I hadn't heard of these before. Of course I had to buy them immediately! They are absolutely amazing and I am currently rationing myself on how many I can have. They are available in the UK but cost a lot more.

Get them here

Arizona Ice Teas

Of course I couldn't leave France without picking up a few more bottles of my favourite drink, even if it involved a mad dash across the shuttle terminal just before the train was going to leave! My absolute favourite one is the Pomegranate Green Tea. Yum.

Get them here

Of course, we couldn't miss out the three musketeers photo opportunity!

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Gorgeous pictures and yummy picks!;)

    1. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend x


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