Monday, 12 January 2015

Tresemme Volume Curls Tong Review

I've had the same hair curling routine for quite a few years now. It's a bit boring but I have a system in which I can pretty much get it done in ten minutes. The only problem was that my curling wand was quite small and recently I've been after big bouncy curls. So I did a bit of research (and when I say a bit of research I mean reading about 500 blog reviews and watching loads of YouTube videos!) and decided that the Tresemme Volume Curls tongs were the ones for me. 

I had a couple of things I wanted to get out of them. Firstly was of course the larger curls and secondly I wanted them to stay in for more than ten minutes! I had read reviews of the Babyliss version of these tongs and the main gripe seemed to be that the curls fell out within a few hours. However, the reviews for these tongs seemed good, they weren't expensive at all and as I had an amazon voucher, I just decided to take the chance.

They arrived at the beginning of the month and immediately I got them out of the packaging to try them out. They come with a protecting mat which really comes in handy and they have three heat settings depending on how relaxed you want the curl. My sister helped me curl my hair, we were going out in the evening and I wanted to test out if the curls lasted.

Luckily they were pretty much in the same condition when I got back, even though the weather hadn't been great, the curls were still intact. 

Two days after I had a go with them myself. They're easy to use but for some reason, they're much easier to burn yourself with than other curlers. You have to be very on the ball whilst using them! However, minor problems aside, I'm really pleased with them and I'm looking forward to continuing to use them. The whole process in the pictures below took less than five minutes. I'm very impressed!

Get the Tresemme Volume Curls Tong here

Which are your favourite hair curlers?

Thanks for reading :)


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