Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Nail Colours

Happy New Year! I hope that everybody had a great Christmas and had lots of fun. 
I was so lucky in my Christmas presents this year and I'm sure many of them will pop up in blog posts over the next few months. I don't think that I am a difficult person to buy presents for but I always tell anybody who asks "If in doubt, nail polish"! 
The following post is about the nail colours which I'll be wearing through the next month (is it sad that I plan these things!?)

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

I can't believe that I hadn't heard about this product sooner. It is perfection in a bottle! Not only is it the most beautiful nude, pink-peach colour but it also is a great pick-me-up for your nails. I wore some stick on nails which required nail glue (something I don't usually use) to a party last week and they completely ruined my nails. The glue wouldn't come off properly and my nails were all bumpy and discoloured as soon as I took the nails off. Not for long though! The next day I applied the Nail Rehab to my nails and the next time I painted them, it was as if the nail glue had never been there at all. The polish contains Jasmine, Rose and Vitamin E, all which help moisturize and reinforce nails. Not only that but the Nail Rehab also shields, strengthens and conceals damage. Wow!

Get it here

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Blue Slate

I picked up this nail polish about a month ago. I wasn't looking for it but the colour just stood out for me. It's such a lovely grey-blue and applies really easily. It lasted a good amount of time for the price it was and came off well. I hate it when you wear a darker colour and it's difficult to get off and stays on your nails. I would wear this colour for both staying in and going out. 

Get it here

Ted Baker Perfectly Polished Nail Wraps

I'm so excited to try these out! They were part of a nail set which I got as a present for Christmas (if in doubt, nail polish!) and I love everything about them. I haven't tried nail wraps for absolutely ages and I know that I'm going to have to have a bit of a recap before I give these a go! I'll post a picture on Instagram when I have them on.

Shop Ted Baker Nails here

H&M Nail Polish in Secrets

This is a great transitional colour for the new year. It's not as moody as black nails as the slight grey edge to it picks it up. I spotted this colour by the till (good tempting tactics H&M!) and liked it immediately. At £1.99 it's an absolute bargain too!

Shop H&M Nail Polishes here

What nail colours are you loving this month?



  1. Beautiful nail polishes! I love the Revlon one <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

    1. Thanks! I'm going to paint my nails with it today x


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