Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Favourite Jewellery Picks Under £10

It's been quite a while since I've done a jewellery post and I wanted to share some of the budget pieces that I'm wearing at the moment. I'm definately a 'bracelets and rings' girl more than anything, but I've been making an effort to mix it up a bit recently. Here is what I've been wearing this month...

River Island Gold Coin Earrings

These were a gift from Father Christmas in my stocking (nice choice Santa!) and I've been wearing them pretty much every time I've been out. I love gold jewellery and they're just the right size.

River Island Coin Earrings - £4 - Get them here

Gold and Navy Necklace

I picked this up in Primark recently for something crazy like £4! It was such a good bargain I couldn't resist. I think that it looks so much more expensive than it actually is. I wear it with a plain jumper or dress.

Check out the Primark website here

Daisy Stud Earrings

I love wearing these earrings as they remind me of summertime. Again, they're not too big so they don't look ridiculous. I had been looking for a nice pair of daisy earrings for ages and these look so realistic. 

Not On The High Street Daisy Earrings - £9.95 - Get them here

Gold and Turquoise Hand Harness

Laura always laughs at me because I'm a bit wary of hand harnesses as they look like a recipe for disaster! However, occasionally one will stand out to me so much that I'll ignore the irrational worry. This is definately my favourite one in my collection, I love the double bracelet part around the wrist.

Boohoo Hand Harness - £6 - Get it here

Thanks for reading :)

What jewellery have you been loving this month?



  1. I love the necklaces!

    1. Thanks. The gold and navy one is my favourite x

  2. Love it!


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