Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Favourites

Mac Make Up Bag

I bought this make up bag last week at the Cosmetic Company Shop in Bicester Village (see blog post here) and I've been using it every day since. The size is perfect to fit in most bags and as it's not too flimsy, I don't have to worry about anything being crushed if it makes it's way to the bottom of my handbag.
Also, I love the Art-Deco design of the make up bag, it makes me feel very glamorous whenever I use it!

Get it here

H&M Jeans

This week I had two trips to H&M and both times, I ended up leaving with a new pair of jeans. I usually hate the H&M sale, it's too confusing and too busy but after I spotted the jeans section I made an exception! I'm a really weird size for jeans and I find it really difficult to get a pair which fits properly. I feel so lucky I found two pairs in a week!

Shop the H&M jeans sale here

Hairtrade Dip Dye Hair Extensions

I feel so cool when I wear these hair extensions! A dip dye colour isn't what I would usually be brave enough to try but as these are hair extensions, I don't have to worry about committing to turquoise hair full time. 
They are super easy to put in and feel so realistic, I kept forgetting that I'm wearing extensions. 
Check out my full review here

Get them here

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