Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Favourites

Arizona Green Tea

I first discovered these last summer and have been slightly obsessed with them ever since! I've written about the original version before but earlier this month in France, I picked up another one of the flavours, green tea and pomegranate. I actually prefer it to the original and wish I had bought more. They're so refreshing and the bottles are really pretty as well.

Get them here

WalG Maxi Dress

I absolutely love this maxi dress. I haven't got many but getting this certainly encouraged me to think about buying some more. I dressed it up in the picture above but it can also be worn more casually. Green is a colour which I wear a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing what else WalG bring out over the next few months!

Get it here
Check out our WalG blog post here

Kiko Milano 

I've bought a few Kiko products before and been really impressed and whilst my parents were in Italy, I asked them to pick up a few things. I love the consistency of the smart lipsticks and spotted this shade online. I'll be doing a full Kiko blog post next week so look out for swatches then. 
This nail varnish is a beautiful berry shade and I'll definitely be wearing it loads this autumn!

Kiko Smart Lipstick in Colour 917 - Get it here
Kiko Nail Lacquer - Get it here

Enamel Mugs

At the beginning of this month, I went to the Cambridge Folk Festival with my sister. Admittedly, not many aspects of camping are glamorous but we were able to inject some style in with these amazing enamel mugs! They were so light and easy to carry around and so once we got back, I stored them safely away, ready for our next camping adventure.

Shop enamel mugs here


Having a kimono in your wardrobe is a lifesaver. It is so easy just to throw on over a plain outfit to immediately glam it up. This kimono is perfect because it goes with so many colours. I love wearing it with skinny jeans, a plain vest and pumps but it can so easily be worn with a dress or a skirt. Weather permitting, I'll be wearing this through autumn!

Get it here

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  1. Great green tea, yummy.
    Love your blog, now following on bloglovin' :) would love it if you checked out my latest post xx

    1. Thanks - your blog is so cute!

      Have followed you - Rosanna x

  2. I love that kimono! So pretty :) great post.

    Jess x
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