Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Karmisa Jewellery (Exclusive Discount)

Karmisa is an up and coming Irish independent jewellery brand specialising in on-trend statement pieces. We always like to show off our jewellery in our blog post as we feel that it makes such a difference to an outfit. Especially if you wear stand out pieces like these:
Check out Karmisa here
Also, Karmisa have been kind enough to offer us an exclusive discount for our followers - just type in KRL10 at the checkout to get 10% off!

Laura's Picks

Summer Yellow Earrings

These earring are so summery and pretty - I'd wear them with an all white outfit so they really stood out and I'd paint my nails yellow too
Get them here

Turquoise Beaded Bracelet 

Turquoise jewellery always peps up an outfit - I'd wear it with skinny blue jeans and a light, white v-neck t-shirt and bright coloured sandals
Get it here

Vintage Inspired Turquoise Necklace

I love how this necklace mixes boho style with a vintage feel - I'd wear it with a simple maxi dress to really show it off
Get it here

Rosanna's Picks

Vintage Inspired Flower Necklace

I love how this necklace could so easily glam up an outfit. I would wear it with a plain shift dress and shoe boots. 
Get it here

Turquoise and Gold Pyramid Earrings

These earrings are my favourite pick on the whole website! I would wear these earrings with skinny jeans, heels and a flowing top. 
Get them here

Vintage Inspired Pastel Bracelet

I think that this bracelet is absolutely beautiful and looks so classic. I would wear this with a lace dress and a floral headband.
Get it here

Don't forget to use the discount KRL10 at the checkout for an exclusive 10% discount.

Happy shopping!

Rosanna and Laura


  1. Love everything! Specially the yellow earings

    1. Thanks! The whole collection is absolutely beautiful x


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