Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Brush Review

Sorry for the delayed blog post! I had been intending to put this up last week but I was super busy (and then got ill) so this is the first chance I've got to put it up. Luckily I took the pictures last week too otherwise it wouldn't have been too pretty!

Anyway, I had been aware of these types of brushes for ages but wasn't too sure what they would do for me. I already have hair curlers and hot rollers so I didn't think that I would benefit too much from another similar product. Over Christmas I did a bit of research on these type of brushes and made a list on my phone of the ones that I thought would be good and then promptly forgot all about it. 

Fast forward until a few weeks ago when I was in Boots (again!) looking for something to spend my points on. The list suddenly popped back into my mind and within minutes I found myself walking out with my new Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Brush.

Of course as soon as I got it I wanted to try it immediately. It probably wasn't the best plan as I was going to a concert and only had about five minutes and hadn't read the instructions. I decided to keep it to hand and try it the next morning. 

My hair is naturally quite flat and straight and so the picture above is after I have washed and dried my hair. I haven't put on any extra products or used straighteners. 
The brush takes a few minutes to heat up, there is a red flashing light that stops flashing once the brush has heated up.
(It also switches itself off after an hour if you forget to turn it off)

The first thing I learnt when using this brush was to make sure that there are no knots in your hair. If there are, the brush is more likely to get stuck when you unravel the hair. Happily, this was the only problem I found with it. 

My aim when using this brush was just to get a little extra volume to my hair, I didn't want curls or waves as I have other products that can do those jobs. It was super easy to do. I used the brush at the crown of my hair to create some volume and wrapped it around the ends in large sections to get some bounce. 

And I was really pleased with the results. In the picture above the hairstyle took me about five minutes from start to finish and stayed all day. Exactly what I wanted!

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