Friday, 14 February 2014

Bedroom Makeover

I've been wanting to do a blog post about this for ages but I wanted to wait until I was happy with how everything looked (and until Monday I wasn't!)

I have been constantly changing things in my bedroom for ages but I decided a few months ago to make a mood board so that I would have a definite direction to aim for. 

My bedroom mood board

After many trips to Dunelm, Ikea and hours on the internet, I was able to find everything I was looking for. Underneath is a picture of my desk area which I wanted to make nice in order for me to want to sit there!

My Desk Area

Paris Poster- get it here
Perpetual Calendar - get it here
Vintage 3 Frame - get it here
Candles - get them here
Christian Lacroix Glass Bottle - get it here

My Bedroom Accessories

I also wanted some accessories which would compliment the room but wouldn't be too much. I have been collecting and updating these things for about five years and I'm really happy with the result. 

My Wall Art

I have space above my bed for a large picture, poster or canvas which changes depending on my mood. The stag print canvas below is my current favourite as it seems to fit with the winter weather at the moment. I'm currently on the look out for another picture or print for when the weather improves to give my bedroom more of a summery look.
The wall stickers are a new addition to my room. I have put them behind my door so that they only can be seen when the door is closed. 

Ikea wall stickers - get them here
Stag Print Canvas - get it here

My New Frames

My latest purchases have been these two Ribba frames. Originally, I had wanted three but when I saw the size I realised that they wouldn't fit in the space I had allocated. At the moment I have filled them with two Jack Vettriano prints from an old calendar but I am searching for some good photographs to get enlarged at the moment. 

Ribba Frames - get them here

Thanks for reading and I hope you like what I've done!



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