Saturday, 23 November 2013

November Favourites

Hi everybody! 
This month we have decided to change the format of monthly favourites. Instead of just doing make up, we are going to talk about fashion, books, films and music as well. Pretty much, whatever we have been buying, watching and listening to each month.

Make Up

A few weeks ago we had a great trip to one of the many Boots Christmas evenings. Instead of buying presents, (which I should have been doing) I ended up with a lot of things for myself. My favourite item which I bought was Revlon's Photoready Eye Pallet. The colour selection which I chose was Metropolitan. All the pallets are beautiful but the Metropolitan pallet for me, is the most wearable. The pinks are great for the daytime and then you can add in the charcoal or the gold for the evening. It's got great pigmentation and lasts all day. 

Revlon Photoready Eye Pallet in Metropolitan
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Last week it was my 21st birthday and so I had many opportunities to wear a lot of great clothes. I was also lucky enough to get a surprise trip to Edinburgh for a couple of days, which was great. 
Also, most impressively, I managed to fit all my luggage into my handbag. I have featured my bag in a few blog posts before but I haven't really talked about it properly. I have had received so many compliments about it (I'm scared to tell people that it's only from H&M in case everybody goes out and buys it too). I bought it at the end of the summer and it still looks as good as new. It comes with a longer strap and is extendable. I can carry about my large laptop in it easily. 

H&M Handbag in Dark Green
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Last month, I went to see Seth Lakeman at our local theatre in St Albans. Beforehand, we were treated to the sounds of Winter Mountain, a duo from Cornwall and Ireland. In the interval I bought their album and they were nice enough to sign it for me. The album is absolutely beautiful and has been my soundtrack on every train, plane and car journey in the past two months. I cannot recommend their album enough and I really hope that I can see them live again soon. 

Winter Mountain
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As anybody who knows us will tell you that Laura and I are massive (albeit slightly unlikely) Bear Grylls fans! For my birthday I got his new book, True Grit, stories of survival and heroism in extreme situations. This book is definitely not one for me to read before bedtime! However, the stories are truly inspirational and I can't wait to read it all. 

True Grit by Bear Grylls
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