Thursday, 19 September 2013

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Review

This is my new favourite product this month. I haven't really tried many Clarins products before but this one seemed perfect for me. It can be used in multiple ways. As a primer, a moisturiser and a brightening mask. The way that I have been using it, is as a primer. I haven't really got on with primers before, the ones that I have used have been a bit too thick and gloopy but the Beauty Flash Balm is silky smooth.

After using it for a week, I'm a bit obsessed. I can't even contemplate putting on my foundation without using this first. Also, when my skin isn't looking great, I use it as a mask for about 15 minutes and my skin looks much better.

Okay, it's not working miracles and when I take my make up off and see what my skin really looks like I feel a little deflated but when it's on, it's super.

I'm still on the lookout for other primers (maybe ones without the hefty price tag) but for now, Beauty Flash Balm is my number 1!



  1. I love a balm to take make up off. It feels so nice and luxurious. Taking your make up off sundenly is no shore anymore. I have to check it out next time when I am at clarins.

    I am running a giveaway on my blog be sure to check it out!!

  2. Thanks for the review post, i heard clarins paris is really great. Following for sure : )


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