Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How I Resurrected My Hair

My hair was in a bad way: dying it brown, highlighting it blonde, straightening it for years...not to mention that my hair is quite fine and dry naturally! All this resulted in some pretty unhappy straw-like hair :( in this day and age I'm sure some of you can relate!

 The good news is that I have officially resurrected my hair! It took some time (actually a pretty long time) but I am now happy with the condition. But how did she do it you ask - well let me tell you :) 

1) Spend some money! I think it was Cat Deeley who said something like "your hair is the accessory you where everyday so why wouldn't it be expensive?" and this is a good point. I used to colour my hair from a box which really stripped it of moisture, now I have it coloured at the salon and have highlights rather than an all over colour.

2) Get a good hairbrush. My hair is so tangly which means most hairbrushes rip it. The Tangle Teezer is all over the blogs but I personally haven't found it works that well for my hair, I haven't bought one myself but they've used it on me at the hairdressers without much luck. I personally use the Michel Mercier Professionnel Ultimate Detangling Brush For Fine Hair (Red) and I LOVE IT! It glides through my hair even when wet and is not too expensive (it's £13.99 on Amazon)

3) Wonder products - If you dye your hair then make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that are specific to coloured hair. I always used to use ones for split ends or extra moisture or whatever as my blonde colour didn't fade BUT I WAS WRONG the difference when I started using a colour specific shampoo and conditioner was instant - my favourites are Loreal Elvive Colour Protect - their hair mask is great too. I also use Aussie Luchious Long Leave In Conditioner while my hair is wet which is really light but still nourishing and great for detangling. The real wonder product I discovered though (I say discovered but actually I saw it in one of the blogs! Think it was Fleur De Force) is Charles Worthington Salon at Home Secrets Collection Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm. It's a little pricey but definitiey worth it - this us the thing that really brought my hair back from the edge. You can get it at Boots. I use it once a month.

4) Get your hair cut. I went to the salon 3 times and just said "take off what needs to go" it was painful but worth it in the end as last week I was finally able to just have a little trim.

5) Be patient - it won't happen overnight but trust me, you can resurrect your hair if you give it time and persevere. I didn't think I could rescue mine but I have! And now I can start growing it YAY :)

 I hope you found this interesting/useful - please comment if you have any tips of your own.


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