Tuesday, 26 February 2013

5 Easy Ways To Dress Up Your Little Black Dress

1: Glam Up Your Shoes

I saw this idea in a fashion magazine a couple of months ago. Using bracelets as a makeshift 'strap' around your ankle, making them look as if they are part of the shoe. This is a really easy way of turning ordinary shoes into something a little bit more special and truly unique. 

Bracelets- New Look

Shoes- Forever 21

2: Wear A Statement Necklace

Sometimes, LBD's are a little bit too plain and a statement necklace can make it look much more polished and expensive. I picked this necklace up last year from Accessorize and it always manages to make my outfits look much more glamorous. 

Necklace- Accessorise

3: Red Lipstick

As previously stated in my Red Lipstick blog post, my current favourite lipstick is from MUA, priced at only £1! Red lipstick only takes about a minute to apply and can turn a daytime look to nighttime in a flash. 

Red Lipstick- MUA

4: Add A Belt

I add a waist belt to pretty much anything! I think this comes from never being able to finding clothes that fit me properly so just adding a belt to cinch everything in. As a result of this, I have a drawer full of waist belts, I like to match them to my handbag or shoes.

 Belt- Primark

5: Add A Scarf

A scarf is the most versatile item. I've used this one with my LBD, not just as a scarf but as a wrap and a belt as well. Scarfs are a great way of dressing your outfit up or making it more casual.

Scarf- Primark


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