Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Recommendations for Sensitive Skin

I have really sensitive skin and have always struggled to find products that work
for me but don't aggravate my skin. I've bought most of the (affordable) products
out there that are designed for sensitive skin and therefore now have a tried and
tested short list of my favourite products that i know will work with my skin
and still do the job i need them to do.

Simple Products

Most people with sensitive skin will probably of heard of and tried Simple
products already but i have to mention them as they make up such a huge part of
my beauty regime! I swear by Simple's basic Kind To Skin Facial Wipes to take off
my make-up and use the Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover Pads if i am wearing heavy
eye makeup (which unfortunately i can rarely do!). I've used a couple of the
'fancier' Simple face products such as the mango face cream but i find the
plainest stuff is the best (as is often the case with sensitive products). Every
morning and evening, after washing my face, i apply Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing
Eye Balm and then the Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream to my face and neck.
I've tried the Kind to Skin Vital Day Cream but found it really heavy whereas the
night cream is light and works well under make-up. I also like all the different
shower gels - basic (Kind To Skin Refreshing Shower Gel), moisturising
(Moisturise Body Wash) and exfoliating (Exfoliate Body Wash - which includes real
loofah and is LOVELY!). Another plus of Simple is how affordable the products are

Aveeno Products

Aveeno is a great brand, not only do the products moisturise but they
actually work to improve and calm the skin as well. After shaving or if my skin is particularly itchy or aggravated i will use Aveeno Skin Relief moisturiser. I would
use it everyday if i could but don't as it is quite heavy and takes a while to sink in and
dry. The hand cream is also really good as it last really well through washing.

Natural Collection Make-Up

I use a lot of the Natural Collection Make-Up range (available from Boots). To be
honest it's not the most amazing make-up in the world - it's not going to give
the same results as Maybelline or L'Oreal products but it does what's needed and
never aggravates my skin, it's also really cheap! On a daily basis i use the
basis black mascara, the face powder, blush and kohl eye pencil. However, on a
special occasion i do use more specialised branded products to give more
professional results :) I like the knowledge though that on an everyday basis i am
wearing make-up that is natural and not full of aggravating ingredients. Each
Natural Collection product has as little ingredients in it as possible meaning its as
gentle as it can be.

Electric Razor

One of my best beauty finds ever was when i discovered the Philips HP6345 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Double Contour Ladyshave. I can't use your standard bladed wet razor as no matter which i use or how i use it they aggravate the skin on my legs. I think every girl who struggles with shaving should get one of these ladyshaves: it gives a lovely smooth finish, it's rechargeable so it's eco friendly and you don't need to fuss with batteries and also it has a 24k gold shaving foil meaning that it is kind to skin and won't rust.

I am always on the hunt for new sensitive products so please comment on this post if you have any recommendations!

*Please note that although these products work for me they may not necessarily work for you too. Everyone's skin is different and i would recommend testing them on a small patch of your skin before using them properly*

Laura x


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