Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pretty Ways To Display/Store Your Jewellery

I have been looking recently for ways to display my jewellery. I had them all tucked away in draws and pots and couldn't see or remember what I had. It seemed a shame to have nice jewellery that you never wear. So, I started looking into display options.

My Short Necklaces

I've always wanted a necklace stand but have never found an affordable one that I liked. Then, the shopping gods smiled at me and I found this lovely simple one in the Dunelm Mill sale :) I love how simple and pretty it is.

My Bracelets

I hardly ever wear bracelets because I find them annoying when typing (which I do all day at work) and yet I have so many nice ones! I knew I had to get something to display them on to encourage myself to put them on at the weekends. I bought this bracelet display stand from Ebay (similar here) and am so happy with it! It's actually meant to be used for a display in a shop but works perfectly for home too. 

The only problem that I had with the bracelet stand is that the bars are quite wide and I couldn't fit some of my smaller bracelets on there (I've got pretty small wrists so most of my chained bracelets have been altered to be smaller). Some wouldn't fit at all and others I was worried about stretching. I didn't want to put these smaller ones away again in my drawers as that defeated the object of my grand jewellery display plan! So I started thinking of other options. Inspiration struck on my aforementioned trip to Dunelm Mill. I put together this jewellery stack with a long glass candle stick, a fake flower and the lovely wicker hearts. The whole thing cost me about £5. It doesn't display the bracelets quite as well but at least they're not hidden away.

My Rings

I bought these ring displays from Ebay a few months ago and haven't looked back. They're compact and simple and show off the rings to perfection. Again, I think they're designed for a shop but they fit perfectly on my windowsill too :) I'm hoping to get a 3rd one (I seem to keep buying more rings...not sure how it's happening...ahem) but my exact design (described as a velvet wedge) are out of stock at the mo -  However, I've looked on Ebay for something similar and here are some of my favourites - here, here, here and here.

I hope you like this post - thought I'd share my crafty ideas :) I am still stuck for a pretty way to display my longer necklaces so any ideas or tips would be much appreciated!

Laura x

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