Sunday, 11 November 2012

Review - L'Oreal Wild Ombre

I brought this product on a whim (and slight rush) in Boots at St Pancras train station. My highlights had grown out and I wanted to try something new and exciting for my hair.

I had anticipated waiting a couple of days before I did it, due to patch tests, working out what to do etc. but because this dye doesn’t cover your whole head, no patch test is required so I decided to try it that evening.

The product was very easy to use; the instructions are simple and well layed out with step by step pictures.

I used Wild Ombres number 1 for dark to mid brown hair as my hair is dark brown. The instructions recommend for you to leave the dye on for 25-45 minutes depending on how light you want your hair to go. I left mine on for about 30 minutes.

The dye is quick to wash off, my only problem would be that the conditioner isn’t as high quality as other hair dye conditioners that I have used and didn’t make my hair very smooth or shiny.

Overall, I think that this is a very affordable easy to use product that creates a professional look and I would definitely consider using it again.

Rosanna x

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