Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review- Get Lashed False Lashes

I always seem to have a bit of a disaster with fake eyelashes. No matter how much adjusting or practice I do, I never seem to get it right. The only fake eyelashes that I can just about manage is the Eyelure Individual Lashes which are great but take up a lot of time and effort to put on (and take off).

On one of my many trips to Boots I spotted ‘Get Lashed False Lashes’ amongst the beauty products. They caught my interest because they were the only half strips amongst the collection. They were only about £5.00 so I decided to give them a try.
The pack states that they will last up to about 5 uses so I had one practice with them when I got home. I was surprised to discover how easy they were to put on.

Overall I was very happy with the eyelashes, the glue could have been a bit better quality but it does the job well and they give a natural but glamorous feel. I have worn them to parties and on holiday proving they are wonderfully versatile.


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