Monday, 19 November 2012

Review- Broadway Nails Impress Press On Manicure

I brought Impress nails in Boots on the recommendation of a friend after a broken nail disaster a couple of weeks ago. They come in a range of colours and patterns. I chose the dark purple/red colour called ‘Rated R’.

24 nails are included in 12 different sizes to suit your nails. If in doubt, it’s always better to go for a slightly smaller size as they tend to hold better than a bigger nail.

The application of the nails is really simple. First you wash your hands and use the ‘prep pad’ given then all you need to do is peel the tab off the back of the nail (being careful not to bend it) and press it on firmly.

The nails stick straight away but the problem that I encountered was that the more nails I put on, the harder it was to peel the tabs off! It’s probably best if you get a friend to help you with this part or take all the tabs off before you start.

Once on, it’s recommended that you minimise contact with water for half an hour. I put them on whilst watching the TV, giving me a perfect excuse not to have to get up and do anything whilst they ‘set’.

The packet says that the nails last up to a week when applied properly and I can definitely back up that claim. The first set of nails I wore lasted 8 days and the second lasted a week. I only lost one of the nails which I quickly replaced with one of the spare nails in the pack.

I loved these nails so much, a couple of days after I bought them I went back to Boots and brought 3 more packs! They are a quick and cheaper alternative of going to a salon and they look brilliant.


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