Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Our Favourite Packing Tips

As we are packing at the moment for a weekend away we thought we should share with you some of our best packing tips for an easy and stress-free holiday wherever you go!

♦        Wear the heaviest items on the journey to avoid bulking up your suitcase

♦        Roll the clothes in the suitcase, don’t fold them

♦        Buy travel sized bottles to put your toiletries in

♦        No travel iron? Use a hairdryer to get rid of the creases or hang up the garment in the bathroom whilst taking a hot shower.

♦        Wrap shoes in a plastic bag as to not get your other clothes dirty

♦        Check your destinations temperature so you can pack appropriate clothes

♦        Before you pack, lay everything out on your bed to evaluate everything

♦        Make a list of what you intend to pack to avoid forgetting items

♦        Pack suitable clothes for what you are doing e.g. no need for heels for a walking holiday!

♦        Put liquids e.g. nail varnishes inside freezer bags in case of leakages

♦        Surround fragile items with t-shirts and underwear

♦        If packing a sunhat, fill the middle with rolled up t-shirts/socks/underwear

♦        If flying, weigh your bag before leaving to avoid a nasty surprise

♦        Pack a canvas bag, this can be used for shopping, dirty clothes or as a spare, lighter bag

♦        Take a pashmina, this can be used as a scarf, blanket or belted as a cardigan

♦        If planning to shop, leave room for extra items

Happy Packing!

Rosanna & Laura

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