Sunday, 11 November 2012

Craft - Vintage Cocktail Umbrellas

This is a really easy craft idea. They take minutes to make and look really effective and classy. Perfect for a summer garden party or themed birthday party.

First I started with some vinatge patterned card. This is easy to pick up at craft shops such as Hobbycraft or the arts and craft section at Dunelm Mill. With a compass I measured a circle 9.5cm in diameter which I then cut out.

After cutting out the circle, I then cut out a pie shaped section and then folded it to make a cone shaped which I then glued together.

After letting the glue dry, I took a medium sized cocktail stick and glued it ito place in the centre of the cone.
Leave them to dry for a couple of hours and then they will be ready to use. Easy!

Rosanna x

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